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I'm a Recruitment Program Manager with a small firm and I'm seeking to transition to a larger company in an operations role such as a Operation Manager. I find it to be challenging because I've not held the title of Operations Manager yet I'm doing the work. Any suggestions how to make this transition?
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., on Monday, December 7, 2015
As you are in recruiting, you know as well as anyone it can be tough to get your details in front of the right set of eyes.  First off, make sure your resume as well as your online profiles represent the work you are truly doing.  If you are doing the work of an operations manager, you should use that language when describing your work.  I'm not suggesting you change your current title to something it isn't, but I am saying that if you can legitimately lay claim to the responsibilities that mirror an operations manager job description, don't make it difficult for a recruiter to see that.

Networking is probably one of the biggest assets you can have when looking to transition in your field.  Let people know what you are looking for!  Make sure your professional online profiles make you findable in search for jobs and connections.  If you can, seek out people who hold the position you seek and talk with them about it, how did they shape their skills, what do they believe is most pertinent in the role, where would they suggest you look for opportunities.  It is always a good thing to be on someone's mind when they go to consider who would be the next great addition to their organization!  Best of luck!
Answered by Shara, Hiring Expert at ManpowerGroup, on Friday, December 11, 2015
Great question! I would think, as you stated in your question that there are many operational tasks you handle in your role currently. My recommendation is to list those operational functions on your resume, clearly spelled out, under an "operations" tab. This way, a prospective employer can see what tasks you have done in that area. It also may be good to have an "operations" resume where it's more focused on the operational tasks you handle day to day. I would also recommend that when you apply for a job in operations, take a look at the responsibilities, and see how what you are currently doing would be an easy transition for you in that new role. I would then highlight in your "operations" resume, what tasks you currently do that are similar to those in the job requirements so that the hiring manager can see how easily you could fit into the role. I would also make sure to write a strong cover letter stating how operationally focused your current role is. Good luck!
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Friday, January 29, 2016
When making such a move, I would recommend focusing on two things - networking and flexibility.  In today's environment, building your network is critical to your career development.  Go out to LinkedIn and seek out those who appear to be decision makers in your field at your targeted companies.  Connect with them and once you have done this, correspond with them through LinkedIn and express your career intentions and seek guidance from them.  This will help to eventually make inroads at a company which you are targeting.  Secondly, be flexible in job location.  Do not limit yourself by only looking at certain companies in a certain geographic area.  Because of the volatility in today's economy, some companies may be doing well and others may not be at any given time.  Therefore, to be successful in your job search, you much keep all options open.  If you increase the volume and scope of your job search, statistically, your chances are stronger to find the career for which you are looking.
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