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I am an undergrad student majoring in biotechnology. I need to apply for an internship or a summer project. How should I approach a person regarding this? Thank you!
Answered by Charlene, Hiring Expert at Gap Inc., on Thursday, September 22, 2016
It sounds like you are getting a jump start on planning, which is outstanding!  Start your search with utilizing job boards that are specific to biotechnology, to help you identify potential opportunities.   Once you have found some good opportunities, closely read the qualifications.  Most companies use this area in the job posting to identify any criteria they are looking for their applicants to possess.  If you are looking to present an idea about a summer project in the biotechnology area, your best bet may be to go to LinkedIn and find a connection that you could set up time with to discuss/present your idea.  This way you  can receive relevant feedback, insight and possibly some sage advice as to where to start your search or presentation.   Best of luck! 
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Friday, September 30, 2016
The first thing that you should focus in is participating in the fall career events that are likely taking place on your campus right now.  There is likely a career fair for internships where a number of companies who are seeking candidates come on campus to speak with students. Companies may also come on campus to simply present information about themselves.  Work with the career placement department at your university to get the details on these events.   Make sure that you are present and participate in events like this.  When speaking with companies, be very clear about your employment eligibility status.
You should also search on-line for internship opportunities.  There are number of web sites which can serve this purpose, but one of the most effective ones is indeed.com.  Go to this site and search internships in the field in which you are interested and you should see some opportunities. 
Answered by Brandy, Hiring Expert at Archer Daniels Midland, on Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Great Question! In the spring and fall many companies will participate in college campus career fairs. This is a great way to get out and meet representatives from multiple companies. You will get the opportunity to learn more about the company and if it is a place you would be interested in working. Be sure to bring your updated resume, and be prepared to answer questions about yourself also. You might just land an interview for a great internship. Good Luck!!
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