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When I'm asked - tell me about yourself, what are your hobbies, why should I hire you - what should I talk about? Anything important to specify?
Answered by Beamer, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Thursday, October 6, 2016
When I ask possible candidates that question, I'm hoping they make me feel something. It's not as much about what you say, but how you make others feel because that is what they will remember. But, to give you a framework, start with what you are passionate about and tie it back to the prospective company and why it matters to them. For example, "I am a very creative person, I originally went to school for fine art and have loved creating new things my entire life. This way of being helps me approach problems differently as well as innovate and challenge the status quo."
Don't tell people what they can read on a resume, tell them the other, good stuff, make them feel something, and make sure it's important to them.
Answered by Lori, Hiring Expert at Cigna, on Thursday, October 13, 2016
"Tell me about yourself" is a question you are bound to get on most interviews. Often times it is the first question you are asked, so you want to make sure you start off on the right foot. The interviewer is looking for you to basically summarize your resume in a few sentences. You should be sharing what made you decide on your course of study, any work experience and volunteer experience. They aren't looking for your autobiography. Keep in mind the role you are interviewing for and how your meet the role's qualifications as you provide your answer. "What are your hobbies?" is another question that can be misleading. You can use your volunteer experience or focus on one or two hobbies you enjoy such as gardening or triathlons. You want to be able to relate your hobbies again back to important qualifications of the role you are interviewing for. For example, gardening can show focus and the ability to see a project through completion, and triathlons can show dedication and motivation to succeed. "Why should I hire you?" is a question that can sometimes stump people because they don't like to toot their own horn. The interview is a time to throw the modesty aside and declare to the interviewer why and how you are a good match for the role. You want to be able to provide clear reasons that separate you from other candidates so that they will want to move forward with an offer for you. The fact that you are aware of these questions and trying to prepare puts you ahead of many other candidates out there. Good luck!
Answered by Jennifer, Hiring Expert at Archer Daniels Midland, on Tuesday, November 8, 2016
This is always the hard part, we don't normally like to talk about ourselves. You should always be yourself and speak about your strengths. Focus on your strengths that relate to the position you are being interviewed for. 

Jennifer 11/08/2016 
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