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How can I use Facebook to get a job interview? I have a personal page and more of a 'professional' page, but I'm wondering how I can get noticed by people who are hiring.
Answered by Aliyah, Hiring Expert at HP Enterprise, on Thursday, October 27, 2016
As a Recruiter, the best place for professional networking is LinkedIn because it displays your skills, proficiencies, recommendations from others, achievements, projects etc. in a resume format. Plus it is easy for a recruiter to find you based on a key word search in the search bar.
If you want to use Facebook:
  • Picture: Your professional one should have a professional picture attached and your profile filled out with key words related to the type of position you are seeking. So that it is easy to read for a recruiter before they contact you.
  • Profiles: Separate your personal and professional Facebook profiles, even if that means you scramble your name on your personal. Recruiters tend to search by your name on Facebook and location and can find both professional and personal profiles if they are the same name.
  • Security: Your security filters should be relaxed so that is easy for a recruiter to send you messages to connect or set up a call.
  • Activity: Refrain for Liking, Commenting and Sharing inappropriate statuses because you know, it will appear on your timeline for everyone to see.
  • Contacts: Hide your contact list. Your contacts should be professionals in the industry you are interested in.
  • Facebook Groups: Join Facebook groups of the companies you are interested in. any new news they have or a position posted you will see it on your timeline or be notified. Almost every major company has a hiring Facebook page.
  • Group Activity: In those groups, be active in participation (in a positive way). You don’t know who is reading your comments and they can see how knowledgeable you are in a topic and will take an interest in interviewing you.
Good luck!
Answered by Lori, Hiring Expert at Cigna, on Thursday, November 10, 2016
Social media is definitely the place to be nowadays when it comes to recruiting, but Facebook is not typically a channel that a recruiter will be searching for candidates. Most large companies prefer using LinkedIn as a means to identify candidates as it is much more user friendly when it comes to searching for professionals. It's not to say that there may be companies sourcing from Facebook or Twitter, so my recommendation would be to have a professional looking photo of yourself, and ensure all the other content listed is appropriate. Think of your content as a form of a resume, so you would want anything out there (posts, photos, infographics, etc...) to represent you to a potential employer. You can also list keywords in your posts or pictures based on what you want to do.Since Facebook and Twitter are typically more laid back channels in terms of the type of content that is posted, they are also not utilized as predominantly by recruiters. It's great that you are thinking creatively and trying to get noticed, but you will most likely get a higher rate of response on LinkedIn and specifically by joining some of their specific groups which focus on the professional area you are interested in. Good luck!
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Friday, November 18, 2016
Facebook is challenging because most people use it more for personal purposes than professional purposes.  If you know someone personally, you can send a friend request to them on Facebook and correspond that way, but the better approach would be to leverage LinkedIn and Twitter.  On LinkedIn, create a profile and try to connect with thought leaders and influencers at companies in which you are interested.  Once connected, send a message to these individuals asking to learn more about their company, their personal journey at that company, and if they would be willing to have an informational interview with you.  On Twitter, follow influencers at your target companies, learn from what they are posting, and use this information to reach out to them and attempt to establish a rapport and gain an informational  interview.
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