/ Asked by Kelsey
I am graduating this summer with my Bachelor's in Sociology with a 3.9 GPA. I am currently the Social Media Coordinator for my university and the position goes away with my student status. So, I am hunting for jobs and I am finding I don't meet the 3-6 year minimum experience for the positions I am applying to. I am looking for positions in Human resources and have found them to be very scarce. Is there a way to make my resume/ cover letter stand out?
Answered by Allegra, Hiring Expert at Cigna, on Thursday, May 18, 2017
Hi, Congratulations are your stellar academic performance!

First, make sure that you are translating in your resume and cover letter what you learned from your degree program that relates to Human Resources. Think about how your degree might make an impact in areas such as diversity or employee engagement. I would also recommend looking at entry level roles or development programs to get your foot in the door. Finally, take advantage of exploratory interviews to learn more about what HR professionals are expected to deliver today. The profession has changed, and many companies are looking for HR professionals with diverse backgrounds. Good luck in your research and job search!
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., on Thursday, May 25, 2017
Congrats on completing your degree! Experience is something that can come in a lot of packages.  Though you may not have held a paid position in your area of interest, have you accumulated skills and experiences through other means?  If not, there may be another way for you to grow your experience, an internship or development program.

We have some amazing Leadership Development Programs that will help you get your foot in the door and expose you to different parts of our business. Check out all the possibilities here: http://att.jobs/careers/college.

We love that you've got an interest and experience in social, make sure your social profiles reflect a positive image to attract employers to connect with you. So many companies need, but don't have, a real social platform.  Perhaps you could be the one that builds it for them!

Good luck!
Answered by James, Hiring Expert at Broadridge, on Friday, May 26, 2017
My advice would be to apply to those jobs anyway! Its important to make sure to keep sending your resume to those few places that do offer job opportunities in HR. I think having that social media experience can be helpful especially when you’re looking for a junior role. I know as employers, its something that we tend to look for! On top of applying to positions online, your best bet is to go to career fairs, because most of the folks who are there recruiting belong in HR. What better way to learn about opportunities in their department than by going to the source? Use your network, as well as LinkedIn to convey your passion for HR. Employers always like to hire people who are eager and passionate. That will certainly make you stand out against the competition.
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