/ Asked by Eirene
Because video has been on the rise & a great way of storytelling, I want to try presenting my resume in a 5-min video, in which I would talk about my work experience, skills & competency... Would that be a good idea (I'm a Digital Marketer, not an Artist/Designer)? What bothers me is how to deliver so it's interesting & not a 5-min of me bragging about myself. Any suggestion would be appreciated!
Answered by Alyssa, Hiring Expert at Quest Diagnostics, on Thursday, March 22, 2018
I think a video is a great idea!! If you can submit the video with a copy of your resume that would help you.  This way you don't have to talk about everything that is on you resume.  A good idea may be to use the video as your "cover letter."

In the video, introduce yourself and explain your interests and passions.  You can briefly talk about your past work history but also reference your resume so that they have a hard copy to look more in-depth at.

I hope that helps. That is very innovative!
Answered by Merron, Hiring Expert at DuPont, on Friday, April 6, 2018
I absolutely love this idea! I agree with the ideas and suggestions from Quest Diagnostics but also want to add - You may want to make sure the video is in a format that is widely used (such as youtube). Another suggestion is that you could upload your standard resume, and within the resume you can include a link to your video if you host it on an internet page like youtube. That way you can avoid any technical obstacles when applying for jobs. I don't know that most employers have options for candidates to upload video files yet. This could be the future we're looking at though. Way to think ahead!
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