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Because of health reasons that I've dealt with for the majority of my college career, I unfortunately still haven't gotten to do an internship, but would love to. For which I have two questions: 1) What can I do that can help me get an internship? And 2) what skills, experiences, and accomplishments can I acquire or are recommended that can make me stand out against others who have had an internship experience already? Any information would seriously be appreciated!
Answered by Amber, Hiring Expert at DuPont, on Wednesday, April 25, 2018
I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. Hopefully you feel well now.
My biggest recommendation is to attend career fairs. Companies tend to recruit co-ops and interns directly from these events. It gives the hiring managers/recruiters a chance to meet you and get to know your personality.
GPA’s and extra-curricular activities tend to stand out on resumes for internships.
Good luck!
Answered by Hector, Hiring Expert at Tenneco, on Saturday, July 14, 2018
Obviously, first off I wish you the best in working towards a healthy recovery.
There are many variables here that need to be considered, that make your question difficult to answer. The first one that comes to mind for me is, are you still in school and if so what classification (junior/senior/etc). If you are still in school, there is still time to get an internship. Not all internships are traditional so you could potentially find opportunities that will work with your work/school schedule.
To answer your question, what can you do? Network, get involved, utilize career services, write an amazing cover letter that includes (assuming you are willing to share) the challenges you faced regarding health, join associations in your field, tag along with a great professor, and do some research!
Regarding what skills, experiences, and accomplishments: This will depend on your field of study or profession. It does vary significantly thus connecting with a great professor or career service professional is probably your first best step (goes hand in hand with having a strong network). The basics are having good leadership traits, which you can gain by getting involved on campus. It is key to demonstrate that you can balance work/extra-curricular activities and other responsibilities outside of just your typical classroom work. Be intentional. If you are studying to be a mechanical engineer, working in a machine shop would stand out. If you are going to be a teacher, volunteering at a local school could potentially catch an employer’s interest.
Good Luck!
Hector Hernandez

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