/ Asked by Adam
Do insurance companies and banks offer jobs to people with simple misdemeanors (like traffic tickets) during the pre-employment screening and background check?
Answered by Holly, Hiring Expert at Daikin Applied, on Tuesday, December 11, 2018
It will depend on the company and the job.  Typically if working for a financial institution they may perform a credit check depending on the level of your role.  If you have simple driving offenses unless you are going for a driver position you should be OK.  
Answered by Mike, Hiring Expert at Avery Dennison Corporation, on Monday, December 17, 2018
Thanks for the question!

To be honest, it depends.  The nature of the conviction has to be job-related for a company to withdraw an offer of employment.   I shouldn't imagine that fairly typical traffic tickets and whatnot should have an impact on the job, unless it was a fairly high amount of occurrences.  But, if a company can prove it would somehow be job-related, then then might hold up or withdraw an offer.  
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