/ Asked by caitlynn
Hi! So a couple of weeks ago, I applied to a sports bar online and they got back to me yesterday morning on messenger and said “Hi if you are still interested in the position please stop by at your convenience and fill out a paper application so we can further our process.” What exactly does this mean? Do they plan on hiring me? I’m going to fill out their application in person later today.
Answered by Tom, Hiring Expert at VF Corporation, on Monday, March 11, 2019
I wouldn't say they plan on hiring you, they are just interested in taking you to the next step.  It is common for restaurants/bars to have paper applications, they want you to fill them out in person.  It is part of their assessment process, they want to "just see you", they want to see how you interact with others, they want to see how you dress, etc.  You will be one of their employees dealing with their costumers, having you fill the application out in-person is a quick and easy way for them to get an early read on you.
Answered by Xavier, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, on Friday, March 15, 2019
This is not a guarantee that the sports bar will hire you, but it does indicate that they would like to explore the possibility further. There will most likely be a hiring manager on site that will immediately review your paper application and ask follow-up questions. I would advise that you attend prepared to answer questions regarding your experience and job aspirations. If you are still interested in the position it wouldn't hurt to go there in person an learn more. Good luck! 
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