/ Asked by Sylvia
How do I construct my resume in a good way? So it helps to sell me and help me acquire a job?
Answered by Elliana, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Friday, December 20, 2019
Hi there!  This is a great question.  Resumes can be constructed in all kinds of different ways.  It also depends on the job you are looking for.  If you are looking at entry level roles, I would put your education at the top.  For entry level jobs right out of college, if the role requires some sort of education, I would put that first so recruiters can see it.  If it is a more experienced role, then I would put your experience that is relevant to the role you are applying to.  It is perfectly okay to have multiple versions of a resume!  Different jobs have different requirements, so tailoring your resume to what best suits the role is a good step as well!
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