/ Asked by Adriana
What are some key tips on how to have a successful interview?
Answered by Elliana, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Thursday, December 19, 2019
Hi there!  This is a great question.  Firstly, I would say research the company.  Being knowledgeable about the company you are interviewing with shows that you care about the job you have applied for and can also help you learn if this company is a good fit for you!  Secondly, I would say review your resume and be prepared to discuss anything and everything on it.  Your resume is a snapshot of the accomplishments you have made and interviewers want to see what you are passionate about.  Finally, be confident!  The interviewer obviously has seen potential in you and that is why they want to interview you.  Congratulations and good luck on your interview!
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., on Wednesday, January 8, 2020
The interview is a great place to make your resume come alive!  Know your experience, know what you learned and know the company you are interviewing with well enough to be able to discuss how your experience blends with their needs.  Practice makes perfect on the interview, so here is where your personal and professional network can really come in handy.  Have someone you respect (preferably in your industry) interview you! Tell them to really ask you the softball questions like why you want the job and were you see yourself fitting in, all the way to the tough ones like describe situations/actions/results that demonstrate your experience with __________ (fill in the blank with something specific to the job you are interviewing for).  Now go do it again!  One practice interview is not enough for you to get comfortable with it, and different perspectives are a great benefit for you here.
I am always more confident if I know what I'm walking in to, so utilize the many social channels out there to see if you can get some insight into the comany's process.  They are all different.  You've got this!  And even better, once you master the art of the interview, it is a tool that will help you throughout your career regardless of the side of the desk!
Good luck!
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