/ Asked by Younse
I transferred from a liberal arts college to a big university (that is much more highly ranked). I pointed it out on my resume but I wasn't sure if it would be ideal to bring it up during my phone interview. For example, when they ask me about the biggest challenge I faced in college, I was thinking about talking about the challenges I faced transferring from a small to big school.
Answered by Elliana, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Hi there, this is a great question!  Pointing out the change on your resume is a good start, it will show that you have changed and updated your education.  As for mentioning it on a phone interview, I think that would also be fine!  If you can make that challenge relevant to how it has helped you change and grow and makes you a great candidate, then you should by all means use that experience.  Best of luck in interviewing!
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