/ Asked by Giovanni
I am a senior Finance student-athlete and I have sent more than 120 applications for a 2020 summer internship. I almost never got a reply. My resume is strong, I have already had 3 internships and I speak 3 languages. What am I doing wrong? Is my resume not as good as I think it is? Am I missing the "right" approach? Are online applications useless if you do not know anybody in the firm?
Answered by Elliana, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Friday, February 14, 2020
Hi there! This is a great question.  Applying for jobs can be very stressful and frustrating when you do not hear back.  Sometimes companies are flooded with applications and that can affect the ability of recruiters to respond to all applications in a timely manner.  However, I understand that applicants deserve an answer and that recruiters need to respond whether the news is good or bad.  My advice would be not to give up!  It can be demotivating to constantly feel as if your applications are going into a "black hole" but definitely keep going!  Utilize your network, reach out to past contacts to see if they know anyone who can give you more information on the company's application process or if they have a contact you can reach out to for an update on your application.  Best of luck!
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