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Is is okay to begin a job search long-distance, as in out of state and/or country?
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., on Monday, August 24, 2015
If you are looking for a job I like the idea that it is best to search early and often.  Now keep in mind that searching, applying, interviewing and hiring are all elements of the process that take different amounts of time and engagement.

A position that requires less overall experience, education, credentialing or the like, may not take as long to go through the above named steps.  Meaning if you are out of state and you are not available to interview quickly, your schedule may not work with the employer's need.  You will want to look for some information in the job description like is relocation offered, or if you have dialog with the recruiter, they will share with you whether or not they are willing to fly someone in to interview. 

A highly specialized position where the candidate pool is smaller, often provides for more opportunity for travel and relocation to be provided by the employer.  This is pertinent to the interviewing and hiring portion of the process of course.

Have a look around...online job boards, company websites, networking sites. Get comfortable with the terrain and start trying to make some contacts with recruiters and people in the field you're interested in.  It is never to early to start networking!

Best of luck in your job search!
Answered by Courtney, Hiring Expert at ADP, on Friday, August 28, 2015
Great question!  Of course it's always a good time to start your job search.  To address your distance concern, that is really going to depend on each organization's interview process, as well as their timeline for needing to fill certain jobs.  If you need to interview in a specific location, you should ask if they will cover the cost of traveling in for an interview.  If not, ask if they are open to a virtual interview (ex: Skype, Facetime).  If they are needing to fill the job quickly, they might be looking for candidates already located in the area.  I would encourage you to think about the address you have included on your resume.  If you are not committed to your current location, I would exclude a physical address and provide only phone # & email address.  I hope this helps - good luck!
Answered by Monica, Hiring Expert at Emerson, on Thursday, September 17, 2015
A long distance job search is certainly a great way to find your next career opportunity. One thing is for sure, a long-distance relationship between recruiter and applicant will require extra effort from both in sustaining a communicative relationship. If both you and your recruiter are ok with the long-distance aspect of the job selection process, the greater your chances for success in landing the job.  I would encourage you to be honest with the recruiter or HR professional coordinating the selection and hiring processes.
If the organization does pay for interviewing travel expenses, that’s great!  Otherwise, be ready to pay out-of-pocket.  So, now that we’re talking about money out of your pocket, planning is key.  Proper planning will assist you to ensure you’re not spending money you don’t need to, it is also important you plan and feel secure on how the selection and hiring processes are going before you spend your time and money.  And if you could save on travel, then why not?  Even if you’re not paying for the travel to interview.  Check out your State’s local Workforce Placement or Job Assistance center for technical resources available to assist with video or virtual conferencing.  If you’re a student, your College/University should also have such resources available.  Saving money is one of those basic skills every organization responds to very positively, and doing so in the selection stage of the hiring process will certainly give you an opportunity to shine in such area and deliver results before you even get hired. 
Best wishes on your search!
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