/ Asked by Mike
I'm an intern and it's my second week on the job. There is a jeans casual day this Friday - should I still dress in my formal business attire given I'm just an intern. Thanks!
Answered by Claire, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Hello and congratulations on starting a new internship! If the company culture is to wear jeans on Fridays, I would think it is safe to follow your colleagues. However, I would also recommend asking either your supervisor or another member of your team. It is always good to be on the safe side and double check with someone who has been there a little longer than you.
Answered by Ashlyn, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, on Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Hey there!
This is a great question and one I asked myself when I was an intern. I think it would be more than acceptable for you to partake in jeans day as long as your schedule permits; meaning, if you don't have any important meetings or presentations that day. 
Answered by James, Hiring Expert at Broadridge, on Monday, June 26, 2017
I would recommend checking with your manager to ensure that your department is allowed to partake in the causal Friday. From a past experience I had in a client facing world, we could not wear jeans with the other departments. Otherwise, you are part of the team, enjoy the perk!
Answered by Corey, Hiring Expert at BNY Mellon, on Friday, July 21, 2017
Company perks, such as casual jeans day, are usually intended to be the sort of activity that employees, including interns, can enjoy. First, consider consulting with your manager and/or supervisor to confirm that you are eligible to participate and always be sure to maintain a professional image, even when a more casual dress code applies.
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