/ Asked by Thelma
What is an on-campus interview, and how does it differ from a regular one? Do employers view them differently or send different people to interview students? Would I have better chance of being hired on-campus?
Answered by Ashlyn, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, on Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Hi! An on campus interview simply means that the employers are coming to you, rather than you having to go to their location. I would say that an on-campus interview would have less interviewers than what you would if you did it at the organization. The questions are typically the same, and they are looking for the same skillsets and traits, but it just makes things easier for you, and the company. They can meet with multiple students in one day rather than working around school schedules, etc. I think your chance of being hired is the same, whether you do an on-campus interview or at the organization; on-campus may just be a bit quicker process.
Answered by Jennifer, Hiring Expert at Archer Daniels Midland, on Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Great question. Every employer has a different recruitment strategy, I can tell you about ours. We meet individuals at a career fair and are only able to speak with them for a few minutes, we utilize on-campus interviews as a second step. from there, we either make an offer or if they are fulltime they are asked to our on-site interview days. I hope this helps!
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