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I'm graduating this spring from college with a general business communications degree. What are the TOP FIVE things I should do in your experienced opinion in 2014 to make myself a good candidate and to land a job? Write a great cover letter? Get top references? Buy a stand-out interview suit? Send a follow up gift or note to the interviewers? What are the things that make people stand out to you? I'd appreciate all of your answers to be as candid as possible. Thanks for all of the advice, I've enjoyed reading your words of wisdom!! Suzanne Summit, Memphis.
Answered by Kellie, Hiring Expert at Emerson, on Thursday, December 12, 2013
This is a great post! Hopefully this will get you started on the right track:
  1. Practice Interviewing. Conduct Mock Interviews with career services to increase your awareness of the typical questions that are asked during an interview.
  2. Update your Resume. Ask career services or professionals in your desired career field to review the content of your resume.
  3. Start Applying to Job Openings. It’s never too early to start looking for your future career. Start by reviewing job descriptions and identify/rank the key aspects you are looking for in a full-time career. That way when there is a position that grabs your attention you already know why it’s the right opening for you.
  4. Start building your network. Join a student group, professional organization, or even Linked In. By staying connected with others in your career field you may get notice of job postings sooner.
  5. Dress for success. Find a suit or other professional dress attire that makes you feel confident. If you’re confident it may help make the interview process seem a little less intimidating.
Best of luck!
Answered by Jennifer, Hiring Expert at Verizon, on Friday, December 13, 2013
These are all great suggestions above! A few more to add to the list-
-Look at opportunities for spring intern/co-op positions: Many organizations may still be looking to fill positions for part-time intern or co-op positions in the Spring. These positions would help to give you more experience and also could turn into something full time after graduation.
-Line up your references: not all companies will ask for references, but you’ll want to be prepared with a mix of people if possible (professors, managers from previous internship or work experiences, and others who can attest to your quality of work and work ethic)
-After the interview: make sure to follow up with a thank you note to your interviewers. This can just be a quick email to thank them for their time and reiterate your skills and interest in the position.
Answered by Ellen, Hiring Expert at Hospira, on Monday, December 16, 2013
For the past few years, most college graduates in America have donned their caps and gowns to face a very uncertain future. Thankfully, the job market and the economy have improved, but grads still face stiff competition in the workforce. To land an entry-level job in today's competitive market, recent grads can look to these five tips to set themselves apart from the masses:
1. Boost your resume
2. Join, interact with and clean up social media
3. Make it known your internships were real experience, not just coffee runs
4. Use your best judgment when it comes to touting GPA
5. Remember, you're never too old to highlight your extracurricular activities
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., on Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Spring is quickly approaching, I am sure you are getting excited. You asked for the top five things, so let’s get started.
I would recommend you start with taking an inventory of YOU- what have you done lately? What major projects did you do at school, how did you personally contribute to their success? Did you hold a job while at school? Big or small this is a huge thing to highlight. Did you belong to any organizations or clubs- what are your accomplishments within those organizations?
Secondly I would say to perfect your “base resume” using the inventory you just created. I say “base resume” because it is important to have a resume that can be nimble enough to morph for various jobs and companies that you may apply to in the coming future.
Third I would say get a few mock interviews under your belt. If you don’t have a way to formally do it, you can have a friend or relative ask the questions and give honest feedback. Chances are that someone you know has hired an employee before and they would be a perfect person to approach even if they are in a completely different industry.
The forth recommendation would be to always remember to thank everyone you met at an interview. You can do this in so many ways, e-mail, snail mail, in person- just make sure you do it. You want the memory of your conversation to stay top of their mind so remind them of something specific you talked about and it does not have to be job specific.
Lastly, visit your college career center. Take advantage of all they have to offer. Ask questions about companies, networking advice, inside information, on campus interviews, mock interviews- they are a center of information and it is part of your paid tuition.
I remember talking to friends about what color hose to wear with my suit and trying on 10 pair of earrings. But I will tell you at the end of the day I didn’t get my job because I chose nude hose (and I swear everyone wore hose back then, so it was in). I landed my job because I was just ME and that happened to be exactly who they wanted to hire.
Good luck in your future endeavors and thanks for only asking for my top 5!
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